What’s the Irn-Bru recipe, are they reducing the sugar in the recipe change and what exactly is its flavour?

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IRN-BRU’S recipe is changing for good, and fizzy drinks fans are absolutely gutted.

But what’s in the recipe, and how is it changing? Here’s what we know…

Irn Bru’s recipe is changing, and people are not happy about it

What’s in the Irn-Bru recipe?

Often described as Scotland’s other national drink, after whiskey of course, Irn-Bru is a carbonated soft drink which is bright orange in colour.

Despite fierce competition from brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, it remains Scotland’s best-selling soft drink.

The exact recipe is a secret, with only three people in the world knowing it, but some details have been revealed in the past…

  • Ammonium ferric citrate: Irn-Bru may not really be made from girders, but it does contain iron. The drink has 0.002 per cent ammonium ferric citrate – a food additive containing iron hydroxide.
  • Sugar: 10g per 100ml of the sweet stuff, to be precise.
  • 32 flavourings: Among Irn-Bru’s 32 secret flavourings are caffeine, quinine, Sunset Yellow FCF and Ponceau 4R.
  • Made in India: Lots of Irn-Bru’s other mystery ingredients come from India, which is why the brand traditionally had an Indian boy called Ba Bru in their campaign.

As for the rest, only former company chairman Robin Barr, his daughter/company secretary Julie Barr and another unnamed AG Barr board director know the answer.

The new drink will have less than half the sugar content

How is the Irn-Bru recipe changing?

Irn-Bru bosses are slashing the drink’s sugar content from 10g per 100ml to just under 5ml.

This will mean a calorie count reduction from just under 140 to around 66.

AG Barr announced the move in 2017, and said it was part of a “long-standing sugar reduction programme”.

The drink will be made using the same flavour essence, but less sugar.

It’s thought to be in reaction to Chancellor Philip Hammond’s new sugar tax – which comes into play in April.

The new measures, announced in the 2017 Budget, would see the price of a 2 litre bottle of pop hiked by as much as 48p, while cans would be slapped with an 8p increase.

A petition to stop the changes has racked up thousands of signatures

How do people feel about Irn-Bru’s recipe changing?

The news of Irn-Bru’s sugar cut has not gone down well with fizzy drink fans, especially considering there’s already a sugar-free option available.

Scots have been panic buying up to 250 cans of the drink, after bosses announced the recipe would change within DAYS.

While others are saying they would happily pay more for a sugar-packed version of their favourite drink.

A petition to stop the changes had been signed by more than 9,300 people at the time of publication.

What does Irn Bru taste like?

Despite drinking gallons of the stuff, even Scots struggle to agree on what Irn-Bru actually tastes like.

Some describe it as liquid bubblegum, but others think it tastes more like banana extract or a fruity Coke.

Taking to Reddit, some Scots even declared it tastes like “love”, “freedom” and “heaven”.

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