Psychologists Reveal The Phrases That Could Prove Your Partner Doesn’t Love You Anymore

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At the centre of every relationship is love. Whether it’s your love for your children, for your parents or for your partner, love is always there. For most people finding a partner that you love and cherish is the most important and meaningful thing in their lives, but when you’ve found it it is important to keep the flame of love burning. Sometimes the fire can fade and there are some phrases that can creep up that might show the flame has gone out.

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For some people, a romantic relationship is the be all and end all. It is this love that people crave the most and it is the type that can hurt the most. Sometimes people get overly involved in a relationship without knowing if they love someone and sometimes fall out of love with someone. One of the hardest things to do is notice if this is the case.

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There are often small signs of how the relationship is going that people miss and all it takes is just looking out for them. It is easy to become blind to these kinds of signs because of the love you feel for the other person so sometimes it takes someone else pointing them out for you to realise. This isn’t going to be a relationship ending article but if you hear quite a lot of these phrases then there could be something up.

Here are a few phrases people say that could show that your partner doesn’t love you anymore.

‘I Don’t Have To Explain Myself’

No one should ever have to explain every tiny thing that they do but if you are genuinely worried then an explanation can help. If your partner isn’t willing to explain themselves then there is a chance they don’t love you anymore. They aren’t willing to take the time to reassure you. If you ask them very politely then they should feel bad and want to explain themselves, but a short temper can show there’s something else up.

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‘I Don’t Believe You’

If you hear this from your partner then it could be that your partner is trying to overpower you in the relationship. They may demand an answer for something that’s gone wrong and not take that answer seriously, but a constant picking of fights might mean there is something up. If you love someone you want them to be happy, not sad and angry.

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‘I Really Love You’

It may sound like the opposite of what you think but by including the word really, it can sometimes indicate that the person saying it is overcompensating and feels guilty about something. There is often no reason to look into this but sometimes it can be a hidden sign and they could be trying to convince you of the fact they love you or indeed convince themselves.

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‘It’s Your Problem Not Mine’

Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing. It is an opportunity to share your problems with another person and help the person you love if they have a problem too. Having someone there to support you is amazing and support is integral to a successful relationship. Being there to help someone with their problems is part of a relationship and if someone doesn’t want to be there for you then it can be a sign they no longer love you.

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‘You’re Overthinking It’

If someone is trying to control you they will tell you to stop overthinking things. If someone is trying to hide something and stop you finding something out they don’t want you to know. In a relationship it is important to be totally open and be willing to share everything and if someone is worried about something then to talk it through rather than ignore it.

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‘Do Whatever You Want’

If someone tells you to do whatever you want then they are admitting that they can’t be bothered talking through something with you or that they don’t want ot be a part of it with you. This means that the person saying it is indifferent and not willing to help you and often this is because they no longer care. If your partner really loves you they will take the time to deal with your problems with you.

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‘Find Someone Else If You Don’t Like It’

This statement means that your partner is unwilling to change for you. It is an admission that they have flaws but are unwilling to do anything about it for the sake of you. Everyone has flaws and part of the relationship process is growing with your partner rather than against your partner. If the person you are with isn’t willing to change even a little bit for you then they don’t truly love you.

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Don’t go getting paranoid and delving into every single thing your partner says but do listen out for hearing these phrases. They are sometimes signs that something is up in your relationship but for the most part it can be down to general laziness and if this is a case your partner just needs a kick up the back side or maybe just a reminder of how special your relationship is.

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These phrases heard on a regular basis could mean that you need to have a word with your partner about exactly why they keep saying these things and if you don’t like it and need an explanation then you need an explanation and in every relationship you should feel comfortable enough to ask for one.

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Without constant communication of how each of you feel then sometimes the real feelings can be lost. Relationships do require work and it’s often easy go think that they don’t simply because your love for each other should see you through. Sometimes it is easy to try and hide your problems in an attempt to keep your partner happy but in the long run this can be detrimental.

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The best thing to be is honest and if you think you need to talk its important to talk regularly!

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