If You Remember 19/24 Of These Memories You Had A Great Childhood

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You simply cannot get better than growing up in the 90s. It was the greatest era for so many things such as certain foods and products they don’t seem to produce anymore and even the TV programmes and music we listened to.

Most of todays generation won’t know about half the things on this list and that has really made us feel old. But still knowing that we got to experience such a brilliant era makes us very grateful and appreciative.

From walking on plastic stilts to playing Solitaire, see how many of these 24 memories you remember from your childhood…

1. Echo Bars


Echo chocolate bars were huge back in the day and we still can’t believe they don’t make these anymore. The day they got rid of the Echo chocolate bars, is the day that we have all decided to erase from our memories. But we thought we give you a brief reminder of how good life used to be!

2. Snake On Your Nokia 3310


The majority of us got a Nokia brick for our first phone and we couldn’t have been more excited about it at the time. The only thing you could do on your phone was text, call and play Snake! Kids of today are spoiled with iPhone’s for their first phone and will never be excited over a quick game of Snake.

3. Walkers With £20 Inside


Buying a packet of Walkers in hopes to receive a £20 was one of the biggest trends many years ago and I can honestly say, I never bought a packet that had a £20 note inside. Thinking about it, I never knew anyone that had! Did anyone actually win the money or not?

4. Blues Clues


Turning your TV on and realising Blue’s Clues was on was one of the most exciting moments of being a kid. I feel like everyone went through a phase of liking Blue’s Clues but then quickly fell out of it.

The interaction that you had with the programme was very easy when you were trying to find the clues and no matter how loud you shouted at the screen, the guy never seemed to listen.

5. Wacky Races


We loved watching Wacky Races and trying to decide who was going to win at the beginning of the race. I never seemed to pick the winner, but it didn’t really matter because it was the car crashes we were all so interested in back then!

6. MSN


MSN was the best social media platform we ever used as kids and we never really understood why it phased out. Getting home from school and logging onto MSN was the first thing you would do. Even if you went on holiday, you’d exchange email addresses with people you met so you could add them on MSN.

7. Mississippi Mud Pie Yogurt


Another treat that we well and truly miss. Why did they get rid of the best chocolaty products that we all loved? Maybe we wouldn’t love it as much if it wasn’t taken away from us!

8. The Secret Garden


The Secret Garden got us through a lot of hard times when we were children. Poor old Mary Lennox!

9. Mood Rings


Mood rings were one of the biggest fashion statements that we had back in the day and everyone had at least one at one point in their lives. We used to cheat the system by rubbing the ring to make it change colour to the mood we wanted people to think we were feeling.

10. Not Having Enough Memory For New Texts


This was one of the struggles that we quite frequently had and then we found ourselves spending ages deleting loads of text we wanted to keep. Thankfully we don’t have that problem today!

11. The Masked Magician


The Masked Magician was such a scary but cool guy back in 1990’s and I remember a rumour going around my school that he had died and everyone said it was a big trick. It wasn’t a magic trick, he just didn’t die.

12. Shiny Pogs


This is one of them collectables that you used to have as a child where you think, why did I need so many of them? Pogs were huge back when we were in school and you always found yourself bragging about the special ones that you’ve collected.

13. Crystal Maze


When I was a kid, I always wanted to go on The Crystal Maze, especially when they brought out a children’s version, but the challenges didn’t seem as difficult. We’ve heard that they’ve brought it back but we can’t imagine it’s as good as the original.

14. Nelly & Kelly


I love you, and I need you! We remember singing this song when we were in primary school without a clue on what love feels like. This was the song of the year and will always be one of the best duets in music history.

15. This Teapot


We used to love playing with The Big Yellow Teapot when we were kids, but we don’t really think today’s generation would find it that much fun. There wasn’t much you could do with the teapot other than refurbish the house.

16. Goosebumps


At one point Goosebumps were the scariest ghost stories you’d ever read and some we’re just too much to handle. They couldn’t have been that bad if they were in schools but they definitely kept me up some nights scared to go to sleep.

17. Stencils In School


What was the need for these stencils? Nobody is that incapable of writing out letters. Using these made any work that you’d be doing last 5 times long. We much preferred the dotted lined letters that you had to follow.

18. Plastic Stilts


This one really brings us back! We had the most fun on these as a child and at some point everyone tripped over, fell on the floor and grazed their knee. That didn’t matter at all because we’d be straight back up on our stilts having races with our friends.

19. Budgie The Little Helicopter


When we look back at the TV programmes we used to watch, we wonder whether todays generation would have enjoyed them as much as we do. Budgie The Little Helicopter was only on for a few years, but they were a great few years.

20. Bubbaloo


The bubble gum where the flavour lasted 10 seconds maximum. You would get about three chews into the bubble gum and the flavour would be gone. Bubbaloo and Hubba Bubba were the chewing gums that we used to shove loads in our mouths to see who could make the biggest bubble.

21. This Thing


We all had one of these when we were younger. Tried to teach ourselves how to send and deliver post. Educational and fun!

22. This Girl


We all loved a bit of The Wild Thornberrys many years ago and we don’t think we’d love it as much if Eliza wasn’t in it. Some of us wanted to be just like Eliza when we grew up.

23. Frosties


There was one point of my childhood when I couldn’t stop easting Frosties. They were the only cola flavoured sweet I actually enjoyed and they were a perfectly weird combination between chewy and hard.

24. Finding Solitaire


Now this is one we will all remember. When the internet wasn’t as popular as it was today, we would find ourselves playing on Solitaire for many hours. Minesweeper was my second favourite, but it took me a good few years to actually realise how to play it!

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