If You Do This While Driving, It Could Cost You A Lot Of Money

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If you’re a driver then I’m sure you’ll be guilty of a few bad habits, and some of them could be costing you a lot of money and you don’t even know it.

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If you’ve been driving for quite a long time we like to make it easier for ourselves by taking a few shortcuts and these could be harming our engine, and other parts of our cars that aren’t cheap to repair.

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Recently, the AA Garage Guide broke down a list of the most common errors that British motorists are making that are affecting their cars the most. The errors could end up costing you a very big amount of money.

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They could be as simple as ignoring a little orange warning light, to not checking your tyre pressure often and not quite understanding the ins and outs of how your car works.

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Are you guilty of any of these basic errors? They could cost you a fair bit of money down the line!

Driving in the wrong gear

One of the hardest bits of learning to drive is changing gear. Once you’ve mastered that you will be most of the way there to getting your licence. Selecting the wrong gear is something that a lot of us do, and if you don’t have a fancy new car that tells you every bit of information possible, then you may be driving in the wrong gear a lot of the time.

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If you leave your car in a low gear at high speeds and to accelerate quickly then you are forcing your engine to do a very high amount of revs which can do long-term damage to your gearbox and engine. If you drive in a very high gear at low speeds you re doing the opposite and put large amounts of strain on your engine too.

If you do this often then you can do enough damage to wear the gearbox out entirely. To replace a gearbox can set you back close to £1000 with the average one costing £850. That’s for a manual transmission car too, an automatic gearbox will cost you considerably more.

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If you didn’t know, a car is made to take an average amount of weight, based on a couple of people in the car and a medium amount of extras. A lot of people will overload their cars and often it is just from it being cluttered. If ever we are tasked with moving some stuff – be it moving house or something similar – we will make sure it takes only one trip. It doesn’t matter if there’s no room left for the person helping us, they will get left behind.

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Overloading our car can have serious consequences though. It will cause a lot of damage to your wheels and tyres and it is actually against the law! If you are ever caught with too much weight in your car then you can be fined £300 and you will get 3 points on your licence too.

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Ignoring warning signs

According to research, over 50 percent of the UK driving population have no idea what the symbols on our dashboards actually mean. Ignoring the signs can actually end up costing you a small fortune and often can cost you the price of your car to fix.

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Some of the yellow or orange warning signs that we ignore could mean our engine is unhealthy and needs to be checked by a professional. It can lead to you being in a dangerous situation.

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The red symbols are a sign that you need to stop immediately, however, a lot of people will ignore them and continue driving. Ignoring these signs can destroy your engine and cost up to £5,000 to replace. That’s the cost of some cars!

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Riding the clutch

According to the AA one of the most common mistakes people make is riding the clutch. This is where you don’t take your foot completely off the pedal and continuing to drive. This will drastically shorten the life of your clutch which can be one of the most expensive parts to replace.

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If your clutch is damaged you will be able to smell it inside your car and once you’ve smelled it once you won’t be able to forget it. If you are a relatively new driver you may do this more than most but you’ll want to cut the habit as soon as possible. A new clutch can cost you £450 so best to try and cut it out!

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Driving through potholes

You may think this is an obvious one, but some people aren’t that bothered about missing potholes and don’t make the effort to avoid them. Some people try but we all occasionally take our eye away from the road and our tyres end up in little potholes.

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The annoying truth is that it can cause your steering to be knocked out of alignment, and even cause your tyres to break. Whilst it’s only a £35 fee to repair it is a big inconvenience to take your car to the garage and take time out of your day.

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Missing service intervals

Cars need to be serviced, and whilst it’s an inconvenience to get it done if you don’t then your engine could be running poorly and doing some long-term damage. If one part of your engine is not running correctly then it will affect another too. If your engine needs to be replaced because it hasn’t been serviced properly could cost you up to £5,000.

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Breaking at the last minute

Sometimes it is unavoidable to break late, but some people definitely break later than other people. If you break harder than other people you will wear out your brakes much faster than they naturally should be doing. Initially, you will wear out the pads but you can also damage the discs and even cause brake failure.

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If you need to do repair your breaks it can be an extremely pricey process. A simple break problem can be repaired for around £150, but it could end up costing £300.

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Having the wrong tyre pressure

One of the big things that people refuse to do when driving is to check their tyre pressures. There are recommended levels depending on the driving conditions but people do not take the time to check it and it can do serious damage to your vehicle.

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Under-inflated tyres will wear out very quickly leaving you with a small amount of tread and tyres that aren’t road worthy. New tyres can be very expensive depending on your vehicle and some can cost up to £250 per tyre. A full set of tyres can leave you seriously strapped for cash.

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