90% Of People Say This Optical Illusion Changes The Way You See Colours. Are You Brave Enough To Try It?

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Everyone loves an optical illusion, especially the ones when you really have to put thought into trying to figure it out. But there are even some optical illusions that can completely change the way we see certain things.

A new viral image has been released in which scientists are warning that staring at it for too long can change your prospective on colours for months.

This stripy grid could actually do more than just confuse y0u, but may also change the way you see colour.

The McCollough effect is an effect that makes your eyes think that black and white grids are actually coloured and that’s what this image leads you to believe.

To get the full McCollough effect, you have to stare at both colours of lines for three minutes each for the same amount of time. Once you have done this, stare at the below black and white grid.

After a few minutes, you will notice that there is a pink tinge behind the black and white grid.

Some people that decided to take on this challenge reported back that they saw black and white as red and green for up to three months after completing it. Scientists describe this affect as the contingent aftereffect.

If you’re worried that you’re going to be stuck not being able to see black or white then there is a way to reverse the contingent aftereffect. All you have to do is rotate the original image by 90 degrees clockwise and stare at the colours again.


There are tons of images out there that can really make your mind bend and this one has also got 90% of people stumped. This photo was supposed to be a nice image between six friends on a usual pub night out, but little did they know that it would turn into an optical illusion.

The photo has become known as the ‘missing legs’ photo, and if you take a look for yourself you’ll see why. There are 5 girls sat on a couch however there are only 4 sets of legs? Looking from left to right, the first set of black jeans look like they belong to the girl on the left, the first pair of blue jeans to the girl second in from the left, the dark blue pants to the girl in the middle, but then there’s only one pair of jeans left for the last two girls to share?

You may be sat there trying to figure out where the image has been altered and trying to see where the missing pair of legs has disappeared to but the truth is the image has not been photoshopped in any manner at all! The answer lies below…

A Reddit user, postalbowl, discovered the truth and shared it with the world. The easiest way to decipher the mystery is by working from right to left, the girl sat on the right clearly has the most right set of legs. The dark blue belong to the girl second i from the right, and the middle girl has the left pair of blue jeans. That means the two girls on the left share one pair of black jeans. As the Reddit user has pointed out there are actually two pairs of black pants, and with a bit of photo enhancing, the mystery can be solved very easily.

Seeing the adapted image clears the whole thing up instantly. Though it seriously messes with your mind until you see it!

There are loads more images out there that can make you think ‘how??’ too. The first is this one is this picture of two buildings. The question is which one is in front of which? On first look, the building on the right looks to be in the foreground because of the light, but then is the shadowed one in front of the sun covered one? So which is it?

The truth can be found along where the two buildings cross in the image. The shadowed building is actually in front of the one in the sun! The building in the sun, if you look closely, has windows going beyond the shadowed building behind it!

The next on is this cat in the desert. The cute little guy looks like he has a hole in his body so you can see the sand through him!

On closer inspection, the cat actually just has some very convenient fur to make it look like there’s a hole right through it. The photo definitely had us confused for a minute or two though!

This is another cat that has us very confused. Is it walking upstairs or strolling downstairs? Seriously which is it?

Some very clever cats have figured out the answer to this one. The image is a little pixelated which makes it all that harder to tell, but the cat is in fact walking downstairs. How can you tell you may ask. Well the only giveaway we could find is the lip on the stairs. If you look at the nearest step, the left hand side of the step has a shadow on it so you can see that the top of the screen is the top of the stairs. So that means the kitty is strolling down stairs!

This one is a classic and once you see it you can’t un-see it. It looks like there is something wedged in this wall? But what exactly is it? It looks like it might even have a face peering out of the wall?

Here’s a clue: the wall looks like it’s smoking.

Still not got it? The wall actually has a cigar poking out of it! This one had us perplexed for ages but once you see it you can’t un-see it!

Here’s another one.. Has this girl covered her legs in glossy paint or has she painted them some other way?

This girl’s legs look super super shiny but how has she done it? In truth they’re not shiny at all! The legs are actually covered in streaks of white paint to make it look like the light is shining off them! This girl is actually a serious artist cause on first look they look super glossy! They look plastic!

These lamps are the next illusion. The photograph of these lamps make it look like there are big meshes of lights, but is that really the case?

The lampshades look super realistic and 3-D, however the lamps are in-fact 2-D. The lamps are made by Studio Chena and are in-fact flat LEDs made to look three dimensional. It certainly had us convinced that they were 3-D!

The last one is the trickiest of the lot, it’s a bit of a where’s wally. You’re asked to try and spot the IPhone in this picture of a table on a rug. Can you?

We were looking for ages at where on Earth the phone could be and we even had to look at the answer after ages of looking. The phone is actually hidden on the rug and has a case on it, does that help?

If you look at the right leg on the table then you can make out the camera of the IPhone on the floor and it looks like the same pattern as the rug. The case actually has a different pattern but before you see it its impossible to see it inside the pattern of the carpet.

Did some of these get you the same way they got us? We hope you enjoyed them!

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