8 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Your Smartphone

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Smartphones are one of the fastest evolving devices that have really come a long way in such a a short space of time. If you are one of few people that may not own a smartphone then you will probably definitely know someone that does.

Every year there is excitement about a new phone that is released that comes with loads of different features just as you have gotten used to using your old phone. People don’t find use in using things like watches, calculators, audio recorders or even music players anymore. Instead their smartphones will have the ability to do those things and more.

But there may be some things you didn’t know your smartphone could do. From using your phone as a GPS projector to testing whether or not the batteries in your remote work, here are 8 things you never knew you could do with your smartphone…

1. Measuring Objects

I know what you’re thinking, how can a phone be used to measure objects. But there is an App that allows you to do just that. SizeUp is an App that helps you measure objects just by using the camera feature on your phone.

Say goodbye to measuring tapes, because there is a new way to measure whatever you would usually measure. All you have to do is hold your phone on the surface you want to measure and move it to the end. Once you press stop it will calculate the length for you.

2. Checking The Power Of Remote Control Batteries

This is a hack that may not seem valuable because surely if the remote stops working then the batteries must have ran out of power, right? Well there is chance there could be a fault within the remote and the batteries are perfectly fine.

But to find out all you have to do is open your camera. Once it is opened, point the remote at your camera and press and hold any button. If the batteries are not working, then you should see a red or pinkish light coming out of the end of the remote when you look through your phones camera. If the light is not showing then there is an issue with the remote.

3. Voice Control

This hack may be a known one by the tech-savy people out there but others don’t know that you can use your phone without having to touch your device. On newer smartphones, they have the ability to use voice control to perform tasks that you would usually need to use your hands for like make calls or write text messages.

This hack is perfect for those who are always on the go and don’t have time to text a full message, or for when your hands are dirty.

4. GPS Projector

This hack is about safety rather than convenience. By downloading the Hudway app, you have the abilty to project your phone screen onto the windshield whilst you are driving. Not only does it tell you the speed in which you are driving (which some map app do not), it also provides a SatNav for you to follow.

5. Reading Text Messages Through Other Devices

There is nothing worse than when you are out and about without your charger and you’re waiting for an important message then your phone runs out. Well there is a solution to this problem!

Using apps such as Mighty Text allows you to sync your smartphone with other devices such as your laptop or tablet through the use of emails. Your contact library will appear on the device that you have to use when your phone runs out of battery.

6. Making Decisions

If you’re the sort of person that is ridiculously indecisive then this hack may be perfect for you. Decision Crafting is an app which makes decisions for you that you may be struggling to make yourself. Whether is be something simple like deciding what food to eat or film to watch or may be an even bigger decision like what Uni you should go to.

All you have to do is name your options and set characteristics and then the app will do the rest of the work for you based on the best possible option.

7. Staying Safe

Most of us would have been in a situation where it is dark at night and you have to walk somewhere on your own. When you are clutching onto your phone hoping that you don’t bump into anyone on your travels. Well, there is an app that could very well save you.

BeSafe is an app which sends an SOS message to your emergency contacts if ever you are in trouble. It also records audio and video and tracks your GPS. Not only does the app have those features, but it also sets a timer that will set your friends alarm off unless you turn it off in time.

I forgot to mention BeSafe also has the ability to make a fake call by calling your phone. Perfect if you’re looking to get out of an awkward situation.

8. Screen Mirroring Apps

If you’re one of those people that love to show off your holiday snaps when your friends get together or like to show them the latest funny videos you found then you should look into downloading screen mirroring apps.

These apps make it much easier for you to show people certain content rather than having to pass your smartphone around the room.

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