8 Strange Things You Would Find Lying Around Your House In The 80s

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What was the strangest thing you had in your home in the 80s? There were tons of different weird and wonderful things that we had in our homes that would only be there in the 80s and it’s great to look back and think of them. When you do look back at them they seem extra strange and you know they just wouldn’t be in your house these days.

Here are 8 odd things we all had in our homes that’ll take you back to the 80s, enjoy them and I hope that it brings back some good memories for you! Don’t forget to share this with your friends who would enjoy this!

1. Chicken egg holder.

This reminds me of bread so much! Did you have one of these? Mine was white and we had ours for years! This was back in the days of having separate containers for all of our different goods. We had bread in the bread bin, butter in the butter holder and eggs in one of these big chickens! 12301723_1662977457316973_3441092248126847933_n

2. Fairy soap that looked like this.

Remember when fairy soap looked like this? It used to last for ages! You wouldn’t need to go and buy another one for months! Fairy liquid is now the only soap people buy for their kitchen sinks but this stuff was everywhere in the 80s. It’s amazing to think that no home in the country will have one of these – crazy!


3. Smurf Glasses.

Did you have glasses like this? We had a collection of them in our cupboard. Can you remember where you got them from? They were extremely popular and everybody had at least one. The glasses now fetch a decent price on eBay and are considered vintage and are actually collectable! You might have a decent collection of these in your loft and you could get some decent money for them, it’s better than them sitting there doing nothing!


4. Lucky Bird.

Did you ever have one of these? They were around way before the 70s but this just reminds me so much of my childhood. We had a few in our house for some strange reason. I don’t know why you’d ever need more than one of these but they were mesmeric and could rock for ages and ages. Did you have one of these? My dad thought they were amazing for some reason!


5. Hi-fi system.

If you had one of these you were lucky! Looking back at it now it looks ancient but at the time it was the height of technology. For some reason, I think people thought that the more buttons, dials and knobs on the front of one of these then the better it was. It wasn’t like people could actually work them very well and knew how the sounds changed with each button but a lot of people pretended. You just wouldn’t see something like this these, days it’s all wireless and easy.


6. Wicker basket.

Was there one of these in your house? For some reason, they were used for everything and I think it was more an aesthetic thing than anything else. They were definitely the style back then but nowadays they look extremely dated and no doubt any that you have left will be tatty and most likely broken. As soon as one of the strands broke it would be in a million pieces in no time at all and make a massive mess. I don’t know why they were so popular?


7. Soap holder.

Hands up who had one of these in their bathroom? I even had one of these in the early 90s! Sitting in the bath and putting all your soap on it and your shower cap, arranging them neatly was part of the process. Were they ever actually necessary? All they did was make it harder to get in and out of the bath, you could have just put the soap and shower cap on the side of the bath. Nowadays if these are ever used they’re used for laptops and tablets so we can binge watch shows in the bath.


8. Trapeze toys.

Who had these in their house? I had a dog one if I remember correctly and my sister had a bear one. We got them from our local shop down the road and literally everybody had them. They’re a lot different to the toys you get nowadays but they are completely classic. I bet kids nowadays would enjoy them but they’re too busy living in a virtual world on their phones and video games, it’s such a shame we don’t see more stuff like this!


9. The Big Yellow Teapot

Aside from the trapeze toys, this was one of the most classic toys you would find in an 80s home. But looking at it now it does look very strange! It was one of everybody’s favourite but who thought lets put a house in a giant teapot! Better still, lets make it the brightest colour possible! It is so 80s.


10. Tupperware

It wouldn’t be a list of home items from the 80s without talking about Tupperware! There was so much of this in my home we had cupboards and cupboards just full of it. It was way too much to ever be used or necessary unless we had a party for 100 guests.

Image result for 80s tupperware

The worst thing was that it was always in the most disgusting of colours but somehow that was the style then. Does anybody remember Tupperware parties? My mum used to go to them all the time as an excuse to have a mini ‘do’. It’s probably why we had so much of it!


11. Weird Fish Ornaments

These fish used to be in all homes in the 80s and it doesn’t really make too much sense why. They were just dotted about on tables, shelves and having them made you feel posh for some reason. It wasn’t only fish though, we used to have loads of different colourful animals about the house. I don’t know why but for some reason they were everywhere!


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