5 Differences Between Well-Known Products That You Definitely Won’t Have Known About

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If it wasn’t for our own opinions and choices, the world would be a very boring place. We all have our own likes and dislikes when it comes to everything. Whether that be what clothes you wear, what you watch on TV, how you spend your time and of course what type of food you prefer.

There are lots of different types of foods from different countries and everyone has their own favourites. But there is always a general consensus when it comes to certain foods, with the majority of people liking them.


Some of us may prefer burgers, whilst others would rather eat a pizza. But when you think about certain products, there are a few things we don’t know about them.

Here are five difference between well-known products that you definitely wouldn’t have known about…

1. Lipton Ice Tea and Nestea

Most people are very aware that Lipton Ice Tea and Nestea are both sweetened lemon teas, but they have a lot more in common than just that. Both teas are concentrated with water and either sweeteners or sugar.

Looking at the nutritional facts for ice teas on Google, you really get a sense of what we’re talking about. Nestea uses natural flavourings whereas Lipton Ice Tea uses nature-identical sweeteners.

Fortune.com announced that Nestle and Coca Cola are set to end their 16-year pursuit in the iced tea sector. In 2018, Nestea have plans on closing down their production in most countries.

2. Coca Cola vs. Pepsi

This has always been a debate that never seems to be settled. It seems like half of the world prefer Coca Cola and the other half prefer Pepsi. They are both frequently used to substitute each other but everyone has their own preference on which one they would rather have.

Everyone would argue that they taste a lot different from each other, but they are actually mildly different. Research has been undertaken by a Business Insider that compares both of these soft drinks.

According to these findings, Coke has a slight vanilla flavour whereas Pepsi is noticeably sweeter with a little pinch of citrus flavour. If you compare the look of both drinks, Coca Cola always write the contents of what’s in their products clearly on the label. Pepsi on the other hand write their contents by using codes.

However, the formula for Pepsi is public compared to the formula of Coke which is kept a secret.

3. Original Lays vs. Original Pringles

BBC News reported that Pringles are just 42 percent potatoes and interpret fermented dough when creating the crisps. They also contain potato flour, corn flour, wheat starch and rice flour.

Comparing that to Lays, Lays are basically what you would hope a crisps to be made from, and that is deep fried potato slices.

4. Orbit vs. Dirol Gum

This is another one of those debates when people tend to prefer one or the other, where both products can be used as a substitute for the other one. According to people who are avid chewers, they believe that the taste of Orbit tends to last longer than Dirol.

Orbit also tends to crumble apart if you have chewed one piece of gum for a long time whereas Dirol will become stiff making it a lot harder to chew.

5. Burger King vs. McDonald’s

You thought Coca Cola vs. Pepsi was going to be the hardest choice on the list until you scrolled down to this one. There are quite a few differences between these two fast food places which makes it easy for people to make a decision on which one is their favourite.

If you didn’t already know, Burger King use sesame seeds to top their buns whereas McDonald’s does not. McDonald’s burgers don’t come with onions, comparing that to Burger King that always put onions on their burgers.

By taking a look at their burgers calorie and nutritional content online, you realise that a regular cheeseburger at McDonald’s is 300 calories. A cheeseburger at Burger King is nearly double the amount of calories as McDonald’s, coming in at 55o calories.

While we’re on the topic of McDonald’s we thought we’d go through 12 things that everyone does at their favourite fast food restaurant. We all go from time to time, some more than others, but at some point in your life, you would’ve gone. Here are 12 things most of us have done at McDonalds…..

1. Putting the burger and chips in the box like this.


How else would you eat it?!

2. Go home with as much ketchup as possible.

Anyone else used to ketchup from your McDonalds bag at home when they’ve ran out of heinz?


3. Going on holiday and wondering why the hell the drinks machines sold iced tea and beer.

Iced tea YES beer however?!


And McDonalds just never tastes as good when you’re abroad does it.

4. Throwing the ice cubes at your friends when you finished your drink.

Shhhhhhlurping your coke up until theres non left and then throwing the ice cubes at your friends head.


Just me who does that?

5. Taking the gherkin off the cheeseburger.



Does anyone actually eat the gherkin from the cheeseburger?

6. Going through McDonalds drive through after a night out.

And maybe, ever so slightly verbally abusing the staff when your food hadn’t arrived within the second.


Then buying the taxi driver or your mates dad a burger and a milkshake as a thank you.

7. Or walking through the drive through.

Because the taxi driver wouldn’t go round because you were being too abusive on your way home from town.


Getting turned down from the drive through because I wasn’t in a car p*ssed me right off.

8. Fighting family members for the free coffee monopoly sticker.

Why is it always the coffee one people fight over?!


9. Wondering why no stores sell curry and sweet & sour sauce that tastes like the one at McDonalds.

What on earth do they put in that sauce to make it taste so damn good!?



It’s just so nice. Especially when you’ve not eaten all day and you finally get that big mac you’ve been craving all day.

10. Wondering what happened to supersize fries.

Errrrrrrrr, excuse me?


The so called ‘large’ fries may as well be small.

11. The mystery about Ronald McDonald

Where the hell did he disappear to?!


I’m not complaining, because I HATE clowns so much and he was a creepy ba*tard.

12. And why can’t we find ice cream that tastes like McFlurries anywhere else?!

There is literally no where you can go that sells ice cream that tastes as good as Mcflurries!


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