39 Completely Random Foods We All Loved As Kids

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Food companies are forever making foods you fall in love with and then swiping them from right under your nose without a say in the matter.

Sweets, chocolate bars, drinks, the lot! There’s been numerous campaigns to bring back people’s favourites but here’s some that slipped through the net.

We’ve compiled a list of 19 food you’ll never taste again, and there’s some absolute beauties.

1.Turkey Twizzlers

You probably wouldn’t want to eat them now, but you still haven’t forgiven Jamie Oliver for getting rid of them, have you?


2. Benedicks Mingles

Similar to After Eights, perfect to take to a friends for a party. Well not anymore they’re not


3. The Original Sunny Delight

The amount of sugar in it blew your head off, but it tasted delicious. If only they were allowed to bring it back


4. Cadbury Snaps

We all love chocolate, we all love crisps. So better idea than chocolate crisps?


5. Penguin Flipper Dippers

Ideal for packed lunches! The original Penguin bar was a staple in anyone’s packed lunch so the Flipper Dippers were a dream


6. Taz

The original Freddo, but without the caramel and not quite as delicious. The fact they were 10p helped as well. Bring them back I say, Freddo prices are extortionate.


7. Heinz Baked Bean Pizza

Sounds so wrong, but I bet they were absolutely delicious. You can have almost any pizza topping nowadays but the baked bean was one of the first to step out of the mould


8. Mars Delight

Gone, but not forgotten. I don’t know one person who doesn’t want this chocolatey delight to make a comeback. Do the right thing Mars!


9. Peppermint Breath Strips

Lets be honest, they just burnt your tongue and weren’t really that nice. 


10. Lunchables Pizza.

This was the ultimate best thing we could get in our lunch boxes. Making our own little pizza’s made us feel really grown up. They tasted awful though! I don’t know why we loved them so much! Plus we would end up with our uniform’s covered in the salsa sauce for the rest of the day.


11. Choc Dip.

Who didn’t like these?!


12. Ice Gems.

These were a must for our lunch boxes. If I didn’t get my iced gems in my lunch box it would ruin my whole entire day! If you didn’t eat the gem first then the biscuit you weren’t eating them properly.


13. Fruit Winders.

God know’s what was in these things but they made us super hyper and they were just so nice.


14. Party Rings.

No birthday party was complete if they didn’t have party rings on offer, there wasn’t any point in even going really if they didn’t have party rings…


15. Nesquik.


16. Pez Sweets.

Didn’t everyone get these from the airport on their way home from their summer holidays? Everyone would come into school in September with those Pez holders and show off to each other who had the best one.


17. Pop up pops.

What was the big deal about these ice creams? We all just used to love them!


18. Dairylea Dunkers.

These were another must for our school lunch boxes!


19. Jelly.

I refuse to accept the fact that jelly pots are for kid’s. Jelly will always and forever be my favourite food!

jelly pot

20. Wonkalate

Who remembers this deliciously yummy chocolate bar? I loved it so much because of the films!

I think any American chocolate that was brought over to the UK was ALWAYS so popular, wasn’t it!?

21. The Truffles in Celebrations

Why on earth would you get rid of the best chocolate in the whole tin? It was this or the Malteaser one that everyone fought over.

They should have got rid of Snickers or Bounty because these were the ones that were ALWAYS left in the tin!

22. Squeeze It!

These drinks were literally the best things ever, especially to get from the ice cream van.

Image result for squeeze it drink

Everyone just got them because they looked like proper beer bottles and the way you opened them was the coolest.

23. Campino sweets

When these sweets were brought out you knew you were going on a long car journey. There was no denying that!

These were just SO tasty! Why aren’t they around anymore because they were so popular and yummy.

24. Flake Snow

Mmmm… what an absolute dream. White chocolate flake covered in chocolate. Chocolate on chocolate is always a good combo.

I can’t believe this isn’t around anymore because it was seriously popular when we first had it!

25. Cadbury Snaps

Wow, these were the best. The definite chocolate version of the best crisps in the world… Pringles.

But these were actually so popular! But where have they gone?! These should never have left the shelves.

26. Cadbury Dream

Such a delicious chocolate bar. Again, why on earth was this taken off of our shelves?

This was, as it says in the name, an absolute dream. The perfect chocolate bar that was taken from us and from our boxes of Heroes!

27. Tootie Frooties

Mmm, these were on a par with Jelly Tots. I used to ALWAYS buy these when my mum said we were allowed some sweets.

Why aren’t these even available anymore? They were the best things ever weren’t they?

There was nothing better as a kid than going to the newsagents and getting a LOAD of sweets and munching them on the way back from school, right any bells?

28. Pear Drops

I used to love these bad boys although they used to hurt the roof of my mouth for some reason…Anyone else?


28. White Mice

These were and still are my absolute favourite! How can they taste so bloody good?


29. Jelly Snakes

These are just very good, there is no room for debate. They taste incredible and are good value for money!


30. Jelly Babies

Again, much like the Jelly Snakes, they are a traditional, solid sweet.

Jelly baby

31. Wine Gums

How good are THESE!? Maynards still are the best and pretty much always will be.


32. Strawberry Bon Bons

The dust on these was something else. I can’t explain how many I used to eat when I was a kid.


33. Lemon Sherbet

MMMMMM yes! I don’t actually like lemon flavoured sweets but these were the exception.


34. Cherry Cola Bottles

I thought I would add these in here, not your conventional cola bottle but they taste bloody good.


35. Giant Strawbs

I think these are the most popular sweet out there and for a good reason, they taste like pure heaven.


36. Fizzy Dummies

These are a personal favourite. How many of you added these to your 10p mix, when a 10p mix actually costed 10p.


37. Kola Kubes

There was no way these were going to be left out of the list. A classic that has survived the test of time.


38. Jazzies

These are AMAZING! Surely you agree? No? Well you are wrong.


39. Fizzy Laces

Last but not least, the all time classic fizzy laces. I still buy these bad boys today!


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