21 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In The 90s And 00s Will Know To Be True!

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Looking back at our childhoods and comparing them with the kids of today really opens your eyes to how times have changed. Back in our day; we played out a lot more, wore strange things and a lot of products were considerably cheaper.

We have decided to put together a list of 21 things that every kid of the 90s and 00s can relate too a little bit too much!

We collected Alien Eggs that never ever had babies and edited every single picture with ridiculous text. These might sound like weird things to do to the children of today but that was our lifestyle back then.

We’re positive that if you were born in the 90s or early 00s, then you’ll definitely remember doing most of these…

1. The best thing was covering your hands in glue so you could peel it off

There was actually no better feeling than this.

You did this every single art class and got shouted at every single time but getting shouted at never stopped you doing it again and again. Unless they confiscated the glue from you!

2. The disaster when your ring binder came apart

We hated the fact we had to use these for our revision.

Image result for ring binder metal broken


But, there was no more depressing feeling than when the metal hooks started to come apart and your work started to go everywhere. There were many times when I would pick my ring binder up the wrong way and all my work would end up on the floor. What a disaster.

3. The false hope you got when your mum said it’s pizza for tea an d she got it out the freezer

She planted the thought that you’d be getting a take away for once.

But, the heart breaking moment came when she whipped out the Asda one from the freezer that you had had so many times. Even though it happened so often, you still had hope that you’d get to order pizza one day.

4. Buying this from the ice cream van just for the chewing gum at the bottom

We were all guilty of doing this when we were younger.

Image result for ice cream screwball


We definitely felt like we were getting more for our money when we bought this ice cream over any other. But then you’d get to the bottom of the Screwball, chew the chewing gum and it would never taste of anything.

5. Being jealous of kids who had these crisps in their lunch box

The Salt and Shake crisps were honestly such a good invention.Image result for salt n shake crisps


You got over the fact that your hand got super greasy when you were digging through the packet for the salt. The good thing about these were that you could put as much or as little salt in as you wanted. the choice was yours.

6. Or these crisps

Space Raiders were some of the best crisps ever invented.

Image result for space invaders crisps


If you didn’t get them in your lunch box then you splashed 20p on them at the newsagents after school. Sometimes treating yourself to more than one packet.

7. Thinking you were actually smoking when you had these

These candy cigarettes were ridiculously popular when we were kids.

You actually felt well bad when you pretended to smoke with these until your mum caught you and you had to shove them in your mouth so she knew it was only a sweet.

8. The first alcoholic drinks you ever tasted

These were, without a doubt, the first alcoholic drinks that you ever had.

Image result for drinking wkd blue


It took about 2 WKDs at your first house party to get you drunk. It was either these, Smirnoff Ice or Frosty Jacks!

9. Reaching the peak of your chav days when you owned a necklace like this

This necklace was ridiculously popular back in the day.

Related image


How many of you had one of these?!

10. Spending loads of money on this coat, only for them to get banned from everywhere

This coat was a HUGE trend when we were younger.

Sadly, it got banned from every single public place because it was classed as intimidating. What a waste of money!

11. Wanting light up shoes in Primary school and having to settle for Clarks

The back to school shop was one that we always dreaded each year.

This was because you never even got your own way or your opinion. Whatever shoes your mum decided on were the shoes that you ended up with regardless of how much they hurt your feet or not.

12. The only hair style suitable was one with a Nike tick

For any boy, if you had a Nike tick in your hair then you were seriously cool.

This was a big commitment but you were willing to make this. If you weren’t allowed a Nike tick in your hair then you most likely had one of these…

13. A slit in your eyebrow was the coolest thing you could have had

For some reason having a slit in your eyebrow was ridiculously popular.

This was probably done at home with your friends when you were messing around after your mum didn’t let you have the Nick tick in your hair. The slit in your eyebrow could have been done by yourself but you couldn’t have drawn a Nike tick in your hair by yourself.

14. These NEVER actually had babies

We were all lied to as kids. This was one of the biggest rumours that went around the UK.

Apparently these had babies if you squeezed them. However, this never actually happened.

15. Being hit with one of these was some SERIOUS pain

BB Guns were so popular but SO painful at the same time.

Image result for bb guns and pellets


There was nothing more painful than being hit with a pellet from this.

16. The only way to answer a question in class with your friends was through this cryptic rubber

We know that if you tried talking in class then you got told off by your teacher.

Image result for rubber yes and no


This is why we invented this rubber with ‘yes’ on one side and ‘no’ on the other. This would be our own secret way of communicating when texting and social media wasn’t as popular.

17. These were the only kinds of pictures you took with your friends

These were the kinds of pictures that you took with your friends back in the day.


Wherever you went, you spent ages perfecting pictures like this. If it wasn’t the star you created with your fingers, then it’d be a picture of all of your friends with their feet together. Not really sure why this was ever a ‘thing’.

18. And EVERY single picture just had to be edited

You simply couldn’t upload a picture onto any social media platform without editing it first.


These edits were SO cringe and we never want them to come back and haunt us. Looking back, we were very creative being able to edit pictures this way without Instagram and Photoshop.

19. Freddos were actually affordable when we were younger

Can you believe that the times where Freddos were just 10p are long gone?

We can only reminisce on these happy days. Todays generation will never get to experience what it’s like to buy a 10p Freddo.

20. This was the HIGHLIGHT of your school year

The Life Education Van was one of the best things in the whole world.

Image result for life education van ukvia/Lynton

You got a full afternoon off doing work and you got to sit in the back of a van. What more could you want?

21. We all wanted to be on the show ‘Evacuation’ on CBBC

The CBBC brought some of the best shows ever. This was about a group of kids who had to go and live on a farm and re-live what times were like during the war.

We would have done anything to have been selected to be on a show like this.

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