20 Old Photos That Will Make You Really Confused

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Some things just cannot be explained. No matter how much we try, we just cannot find a reasonable explanation for every scenario. Here we have twenty photos that will make you question everything as they have no explanation as to what has happened.

Prepare to be baffled.


1.Stefan Michalak

This image is a photograph taken of Stefan Michalak. Michalak claims to  have been walking through the woods in Canada near his home when he saw something most of us find difficult to believe. He claims he saw aliens and that he tried to communicate with the UFO’s he had discovered but had no luck. As they zoomed off into the sky, Stefan explains that the steam from their crafts had hit his body causing these burns found on his stomach.


2. The Battle of Los Angeles

This photo was taken in 1942 during World War II and appears to feature beams of light coming to or from the sky. Some have said that this was a rumoured enemy attack, others have said that the photo is a clear indication of a UFO.


3. Black Night Satellite

In 1998, this satellite image was captured by an American space shuttle. Still to this day no one can be certain what the object actually is even though it has been orbiting around Earth for over 13,000 years. What is it?


4. Mary Reeser

Mary Reeser was burned in her home in Florida. Somehow her whole body was burned by flames yet her food and rest of her home were not damaged by the fire. How did this happen?


5. The opening of the South Forks Bridge, 1941

This black and white photo was taken way back in 1941, yet the man circled in the photograph is wearing very modern clothes and what appears to be a camera which would not have been around during this time…strange.


6. The Virgin Mary

What is that image behind this painting of the Virgin Mary? It strangely looks like a UFO, but why would it be painted into this photo?


7. Jim Templeton’s daughter

Jim Templeton took this photograph of his daughter while they were out alone in a field. He claims that there was no one else there but the two of them yet it is clear from the picture that something was in fact present. It looks like someone in a spacesuit!


8. The ‘Candy Man’

This photograph was taken by a child serial killer and rapist that was known as the ‘Candy Man’. This boy in the photograph however was not one of the twenty-eight known boys that were abducted and tortured by this man. Who is he?


9. The glowing ghost

This photograph is from 1968 and seems to indicate a glowing figure. This figure has been described as the glowing ghost of Jesus’ mother ‘Our Lady of Zeitoun’. Can someone explain please?


10. Babushka

The assassination of president John. F Kennedy is one to remember. In the investigation by the FBI, this lady was wanted for questioning as she was seen standing in close proximity to Kennedy and filmed the incident. She was never found by the FBI and gained the nickname ‘The Babushka Lady’.


11. Is that a sea monster?

There are many scary things lurking around Australia and this thing is most definitely one of them. Taken in 1964, this photograph of these clear waters in Queensland appears to show a large sea monster. Although others have speculated it to be a large sheet, I’m not so convinced and would be paddling that little boat as fast as I could to shore.


12. Did someone say ghost?

This eerie photograph was taken in England in 1975. The inside of the Norfolk church features Diane, the wife of Peter Berthelot, who snapped this photograph when they were alone in church. The development of the photograph, much to their surprise, shows yet another in church on that exact same day! Confused, Peter shown this photograph to the church Reverend who said that there has been rumour to be a ghost of a healer that has been spotted around the church by others. Spooky.


13. Bigfoot?

In 2000, a woman in Florida took this mysterious photograph claiming to have seen a ‘sunk-apelike creature’. I definitely wouldn’t be standing there to get a picture!


14. Lonely church?

Reverend K.F. Lord snapped this photograph of the alter in his church in Yorkshire. At the time, Reverend stated that he was alone in church, yet this figure to the right states otherwise!


15. Phoenix, Arizona

In 1997, Phoenix, lights mysteriously appeared in the sky, staying still there in the sky for hours. Although they were dismissed as ‘flares’, the exact lights resurfaced in 2007 and then again in 2008.


16. Apollo 17’s trip to the moon, 1972

NASA captured this imagery from Apollo 17’s trip to the moon. Although at first glance it appears as if the photograph contains a blank image, upon enhancement of the image, pyramid shaped mounds can be seen in the background. Aliens?


17. The Cooper Family

Like any other family, the Coopers moved into their new home in Texas. The four of them took a family photo, but after it was developed they found a body hanging from the ceiling was in their photograph. They are adamant that no one else was in the house at the time that the photo was taken. What do you think happened here?


18. Freddy Jackson?

This group army photograph was taken days after army mechanic Freddy Jackson was killed during his work. In the photo however, his colleagues insist that he can be seen standing behind one of his fellow officers. Was he visiting his friends or is this just a confusion?


19. The Mekong River

This photograph was taken above the Mekong River in Vietnam. It features a set of lights known as ‘The Naga Lights’ which seem to emerge from the river and vanish into the night sky. What is the explanation for this?


20. A Grave Robber

This image is one of a grave robber caught in Egypt in 1985. This finger is 15 inches long! How big do you think this robber was?


What one did you find most strange? Are there any other unexplained incidents?

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