18 Surprising Things You Probably Didn’t Notice About Your Favourite Movies

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Everyone has a favourite movie that they just can’t get enough of, but there are certain movies that are loved by most people. Even if you have seen a few movies several times, the filming and editing has been done so precise that you may not have noticed certain things that go on in the background.

Some of these things might not even be as discrete as you think, they might be shoved right in your face. But when you’re fixated on a film, you can’t help but let some situations slip past your mind.

With some films, watching it once is enough and we end up being annoyed that we have just spent two hours of our lives waiting for the big reveal, only to be left disappointed at the end. But there are a lot of favourites that we have to re-watch over and over again.

Most of the time, it is the storyline, acting and cinematography that captivates audiences, and all of the films include in this did have done just that.


In this list we aim to surprise you with movie details that you probably didn’t notice, that are bound to surprise you when you realise. From Harry Potter’s opening sequences to the news anchors true beauty in Batman, here are 18 surprising things you probably didn’t know about your favourite movies…

1. Evan Almighty

If you take a look at the below picture you might notice something very clever?

Morgan Freeman plays God in Evan Almighty and there is a scene where he is acting as a waiter. If you look at his name tag, you can see that the waiter is called ‘Al Mighty’ closely related to almighty which some people call God.

2. Up

If you have seen Up, you should remember the emotional montage at the beginning of the film which shows Carl Fredricksen’s relationship with his wife.

What makes this montage even more special, is that you see the couple throughout the years get older. But what you also see is the city in the background become more evolved as years have passed.

3. Back To the Future III

Everyone loves the Back To The Future films and there are a few things you may not have realised about the trilogy…

In Back To The Future III Doc wears a scarf that may look familiar to the hardcore fans. When taking a closer look at his scarf, you can tell that it is made from the patterned shirt that he wore in Back To The Future II.

4. Interstellar

Who remembers the cornfields in the film Interstellar? Well many of us would assume that they were CGI, but that couldn’t be more wrong…

The writer of the film, Christopher Nolan actually planted 500 acres of corn just for the film because he didn’t want to have to use CGI to create the same effect. Once the film was completed, he then went on to sell the corn which generated a great profit for the budget.

5. The Princess Bride

This one isn’t something that you would have noticed when watching the film, but may be something that might have slipped your mind when buying the DVD.

If you were to rotate the image by 180 degrees, you will notice that the title is read both ways. ‘The Princess Bride’ can be seen on both sides.

6. Django Unchanged

Django Unchained is an action packed film that a lot of people have seen. But what some people don’t know, is that the 2012 version is actually a remake.

In this scene with Jamie Foxx, who plays Django, and Franco Nero, Franco asks Jamie what his name is and how it is spelt. Jamie Foxx says “The ‘D’ is silent” and Franco replies with “I know.”

What a lot of people don’t know, is that Franco Nero played Django in the original film in 1966, so he definitely should know how it is spelt.

7. Cars

In the film ‘Cars’ there are many wide angle shots that show the scenery in which the film is based but do you notice anything different about it?

If you look closely, you can see that the mountains and canyons are all made up of cars and old hood ornaments.

8. Harry Potter franchise

Harry Potter is one of the worlds most famous franchises. If you haven’t seen at least one of the Harry Potter films then you must know someone that has.

But the opening sequences might relate closely to the storylines that each of the films entail. The films all get darker and scarier as they progress, and that is shown in the opening sequences.

9. Finding Dory

Finding Dory was the sequel to Finding Nemo that we were all waiting for and we weren’t disappointed.

If you pay attention to the after credits, you will realise that Jaques’ bag is the cleanest. If you didn’t already know, Jaques is a cleaner shrimp that has to make sure everything around him is clean. Why else would he make sure his bag is clean?

10. Die Hard

Die Hard has become one of the most well known action films of the century. But there may be something you didn’t know about this scene featuring Alan Rickman…

Alan Rickman’s reaction when falling, was actually more genuine than you would think. Whilst filming, he was told that he would be dropped on the count of three. The directors then decided to let him fall on the count of one so that he was genuinely surprised.

11. Inside Out

If you have seen this Pixar film a few times you might have already realised what we are about to tell you. However, there are a few minor details you might have missed…

12. Fight Club

At some point in their lives, everyone would have seen the film Fight Club. But the Warning sign in the home DVD version at the beginning of the film may not be as clear as you’d think…

13. Spider-Man 2

We’ve all heard about Spider-Man whether you’ve seen any of the films or not. In Spider-Man 2 a lot of us may not have realised this very clever pun…

But before superhero Peter Parker jumps off a building, he says that he needs a “strong focus.” What a lot of you may not have noticed, is that he actually lands on a Ford Focus which goes undamaged. You can’t get much stronger than that Focus.

14. Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is one of the most classic films and if you’ve seen it you will understand why it is a lot of peoples favourite films.

In this action packed scene, Robert Ruth describes himself as a “Coffee Shop” and later appears in the credits as a Coffee Shop.

15. Back To The Future

The Back to The Future films are full of hidden gems and here is another one that you might not have realised…

In the scene when Marty goes into the past and runs down one of the two trees, the name of the shopping mall changes. Very clever cinematography.

16. Batman

Batman is another superhero movie that everyone is familiar with. But it is these minor details that we take for granted…

Do you notice anything different about the News Anchor in these images? Well, after the joker poisons all of the beauty products, the news anchor no longer wears makeup to present the news, making him look a bit worse for wear.

17. The Matrix

When filming this scene featuring the doorknob, the camera crew were finding it hard to film the scene without having the camera in the reflection.

What they did was very clever. To hide the camera, they covered it with a coat and hung a half tie over it to match with Morpheus’ so that you couldn’t see the camera.

18. Pulp Fiction

Another Pulp Fiction scene we not have realised, that was referencing another film. Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill all in one conversation!

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