17 Things That Will Make You Want To Take A Trip Back In Time

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Here are 17 things that will make you want to go back in time. This will definitely put a smile on your face!


1. The Famous Five

We all remember reading these books when we were younger. There was honestly nothing better than these books when we were kids.

Image result for the famous five books


Which was your all time favourite? We were obsessed with reading these!

2. These Avon shoes

Who remembers when we used to have these when we were younger?

Image result for Ballet Dancer avon shoes 80s


I used to hand these in my wardrobe for ages. Did anyone else? This definitely brings back a lot of memories.

3. This was one of our favourite dolls

I am pretty sure a lot of us used to have this doll when we were younger. A lot of us preferred this over Barbie dolls!

Image result for sindy doll 1970s


One of my all time favourite outfits was the ice skating one with the little white skates too! Great memories.

4. Cresta!

Who remembers Cresta?! Although it tasted completely amazing, we also loved the advertising campaign for it.

Image result for cresta it's frothy man


We thought that the bear was ridiculously cool, with those sunglasses on! ‘It’s Frothy Man’.


5. Collecting thee glasses

Can we all remember the days when we used to collect glasses like this? This brings back so many memories.

Image result for esso logo


My mum and dad ended up with loads of these when we were kids! But, we were strictly not allowed to use them!

6. Every single bathroom used to look like this!

We all remember the days when every single bathroom in every house used to look exactly like this!

Image result for things from the 70s


This brings back so many memories. There are still some bathrooms out there that look exactly like this!

7. Old Records

We know that collecting records was definitely a huge part of our childhood. We spent a lot of time and money on this hobby.

Image result for old records 80s

Then we kept them in the most pristine condition ever, which made sure that they will forever retain their value.

8. These British Gas vans

You would see these all over the place on the streets when we were younger. This is what they used to look like!

Image result for old british gas vans


Can you believe how much things have changed since then?! The logo and even the vans!

9. Alphabet sweets

We knew that there was nothing better than these sweets. We always bought these when we went to the newsagents as kids.

Image result for alphabet sweets 80s

There was honestly nothing more delicious than these. The absolute best part was that you used to spell things out with them! Fun memories.

10. Top Deck

Who used to think that they would be able to get really drunk off a can of these? This definitely brings back so many memories.

Image result for top deck 80s


There’s nothing more fun than being sneaky when you were drinking these. A group of boys always used to bring these into school with them.

11. Airwolf

I think we ALL used to watch this when we were younger. There was nothing better than this as kids.

Image result for airwolf 80s

The intro was probably the best part of the show – wasn’t it! I wish they still had shows like this to this day.

12. Fine Fare

Who can remember going shopping here back in the day? My sister used to work at the local Fine Fare.

Image result for fine fare


She was in the Fruit and Veg department. This shop is now sadly long gone!

13. Garbage Pail Kids

These bring back SO many memories. We used to spend ages collecting different Garbage Pail Kids.

Image result for garbage pail kids


We then kept them in very special books so we could see them all in order. These were a rip off version of Cabbage Patch Kids, weren’t they?

14. Cola Cubes

We all know that the debate was never ending… did you prefer Cola Cubes or Pineapple Chunks?

Image result for cola cubes sweets


It was rare that you would get both. The worst part of these sweets was that they cut the roof of your mouth!

15. Chocolate Cigarettes

We all remember when smoking was considered to be cool. They even promoted it through chocolate.. which was really bad!

Image result for chocolate cigarettes candy


But, we always bought these when we were younger because we loved them that much!

16. These soup bowls

Who used to collect these soup bowls when they were younger? We ALWAYS loved having our soup in these bowls.

Image result


They were massive! We used to get them from Shell Garages. Does anyone still have theirs?

17. Giant Haystacks

We used to be ridiculously into our wrestling when we were younger. Who was your all-time favourite?

Image result for giant haystacks


I bet it would have been SO scary to actually have met these wrestlers in real life.

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