17 Images That’ll Traumatise Any 00s Kid

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There were some things from our childhood that we wish that we could forget. These were obviously never any serious things, but little annoying things that definitely got to us.

There was nothing worse than when some of these things happened when we were younger. But, there was simply nothing we could do about them.

Here are 17 images that will traumatise any 00s kids.

1. Ruining your pen by trying to push all four of these down at once

This was horrendous. You loved your new pen that you had but you couldn’t resist trying to push all four of them down at the same time.

There was nothing worse than this. Then your whole pen broke because you were seeing if it would write with all four colours at once.

2. When your mum said lets have pizza.. then got one out of the freezer

This was the worst thing ever. You got so excited that you were going to be having a big greasy pizza.

But in reality, you were having Asda’s own that has been in the freezer for weeks. The most depressing thing ever.

3. When your mum said you weren’t allowed anything from the ice cream van because you had stuff in the freezer

This was HORRIBLE. You heard the glorious sound of the ice cream van coming down the street.

All of your friends were allowed to buy their ice cream from the van, but your mum got you choc ices already in the fridge so you had to have them.

4. Getting a full page of nudges on MSN because your internet went off

This was horrible. You were already traumatised that you couldn’t speak to people because your internet went off

But, if you came back to hundreds of nudges on your page then this was worse… especially when it was from someone you fancied.

5. Receiving one of these on MSN

These were SO annoying purely because it completely froze your whole computer for a few seconds.

There was nothing worse than this. But, if you were the one sending these then you were REALLY annoying.

6. The dentist

We all hated the dentist. Purely because of the fear that we had to have a filling in our teeth.

We all secretly hoped that we were allowed to have braces though when we were younger.

7. When you weren’t allowed to buy anything from the ‘Bring and Buy’ sales at school

This was the absolute bane of every single child’s life. Not being allowed to buy anything from the bring and buy sale because all you bought was crap.

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The even worse scenario was when you forgot to take your money in so you couldn’t buy anything!

8. After school club

This was the worst thing that you could be forced to go to. When your mum or dad were too busy to pick you up and you had to go to after school club.

Image result for boring gif

No one liked this place. All you wanted to do after school was go home and watch telly. But when this was postponed for an hour or so, you were seriously unhappy.

9. Wet breaks

The worst thing you could be told at school was that you had to sit in at lunch and do something boring.

Image result for boring gif

This meant you had to colour stuff in or something. You couldn’t release all of your energy on the outdoors which was horrible.

10. These shoes

These gel shoes were the most painful things in the whole entire world. When you weren’t allowed to wear socks underneath them either.

Image result for jelly shoes

They would rub your feet loads and you would end up with loads of blisters. Even worse was the fact your feet would be SO filthy afterwards.

11. When your dad made you ask for the bill on holiday

Your dad thought it was cute if you went up and asked for the bill in their language. So, you would appallingly say ‘la cuenta por favor’ in your hair braids and hope for the best.

What was worse was that you didn’t want to in the first place and you said it in the most British accent ever.

12. This anthology book

The worst part about any English lesson was being told that you were working out of this anthology.

Who else completely hated this? There was nothing pleasant about reading these poems purely because they were rubbish.

13. Singing hymns in Primary School

This was such a boring chore. Nearly every single day you had assembly and you couldn’t get out of it in any way.

Image result for primary school hymns book

This meant that you had to sit and sing the same hymns over and over again… which got really boring and monotonous.

14. Being told to stand outside the headmaster’s room

This was the worst thing that any teacher could tell you to do. When you had been naughty you were either sent out the classroom or sent all the way to the headmaster’s room.

Image result for boring gif

You had to stand on a wall outside his room because you had been naughty. This was really traumatising.

15. ‘Hotpot’ tea

This was the absolute WORSE. When you got home from school and you asked what it was for tea.

You could tell immediately from her reaction that it was something horrible. The most depressing was a hot pot or a stew.

16. This medicine

There was genuinely nothing worse than being told you needed to have this medicine. This was the most depressing thing in the world.

It was apparently meant to be banana flavoured but it really wasn’t. It was nigh on impossible to swallow this stuff when it was in your mouth.

17. When Limewire was no longer a thing

We are ALL guilty of using Limewire and to be honest I am surprised that it took them so long to shut it down.

Image result for limewire

But, the moment it shut down we were all devastated. How would we listen to our favourite music!?

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