14 Things 00s Kids Still Have Absolutely No Clue About

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The noughties was an amazing time for a lot of people, especially growing up in it and seeing the massive changes that were happened. We all started to get mobile phones and the music was just incredible.

Some things though just did not make sense. If you read this article you’ll know exactly what I mean too, like why did Nelly feel it necessary to take all his clothes off and just what happened to everybody’s favourite Prince, Will?

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1. What happened to Wills

Will was one of the big heartthrobs of the 00s and was plastered over all the walls of most girls bedrooms. A lot of girls thought they had a chance with him because he was young and single and being with him was a lot of girls’ biggest dream. Unfortunately, time hasn’t done him a ton of favours and he just looks like his dad now. How upsetting. Though he’s married now so I don’t think people care nearly as much.

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2. Best friend or boyfriend at the top of your Top Friends.

This one was such a toughie! Fall out with your best friend or fall out with your boyfriend? Whoever you went with, you knew you were in for it the next day. You’d either get the silent treatment or an ear full. It would often end friendships or end relationships super early. We were so fickle in high school, but cause there were so many people there it was easy to find new friends.

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3. Why walls killed Snakes?

This will remain the best game ever to be on a phone but one thing that never seemed to quite make sense was how a wall could kill a snake? And I’m sure there was a mode where the snake could go through the walls too? Who knows, but all I know is I have a craving to play it again.

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4. Why these smelled so amazing?

I still don’t understand it. Who tried tasting theirs?! I have to admit I tried but it was just horrible. I have no idea how they managed to make these smell so much, it really is a mystery. I had every flavour and the orange one was my favourite. Which one was your favourite?

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5. How people’s ink erasers didn’t go furry.

One of life’s unanswerable question’s. Mine ended up looking horrible and matted in the space of about five minutes and everyone else’s seemed to stay pristine. It really was an impossible situation I have no idea how people kept theirs looking good!!

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6. Why your hair never went like this when you crimped it.

Instead of looking like Christina you just looked like a bush child. It was impossible to make it look incredible and seeing other people master it made it even more frustrating. I don’t know why or how crimping ever took off it was nearly impossible to master and took an absolute age and – to be honest – it didn’t even look that good! But I suppose if Christina was doing it then we all had to follow suit!

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7. How Will Young beat Gareth Gates.

This cut me deep. It made no sense. Everyone I knew voted for Gareth, and I’m sure the whole country voted for him, yet Will managed to win. HOW?! Not that Will wasn’t good but he wasn’t as good as Gareth. I don’t think things would have changed in terms of Will Young having a better career, but still, it was heartbreaking seeing him not go home as the winner.

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8. Which Impulse suited you best…

Spending ages in Superdrug choosing which Impulse to buy because you wanted one that suited you the best. We never went off the smell either it was always off what words were on the front, but we wanted all of them so it was always an impossible choice!

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9. Why your aliens never had babies?

We were lied to as kids! I don’t know who started the rumour but somehow it spread around the ENTIRE country. There was always a tale of how some guys brother’s best friend managed to get one to have a baby and people would believe it but no one ever managed to get it to happen. There were always crazy theories too like if you leave it in a fridge overnight but it was all lies. A lot of us found out it was a lie the hard way too.

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10. How your mood ring was so accurate?

It’s like it read my mind! Still to this day I have no idea how this was so accurate and it would actually change from person to person. I don’t know how these aren’t still being sold and worn today they were incredible!

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11. How on earth you could draw this without taking your pen off the paper!

Does anyone actually know how to do this? It would always crop up in class every so often with one kid showing off that he could do it and soon the whole classroom was secretly doing it in the back pages of their exercise books. I had pages filled with these little houses but could never do it right! Could you?

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12. Why these ringtones were so damn expensive!

Daylight robbery this was. I have no idea how they managed to send these to us but normally one person would have the best one and people would be in awe of it. They would get people to ring them just so it would play the music.

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13. Why you weren’t allowed a Motorola Razr.

Who had one of these phones you lucky buggers! I wasn’t allowed one and it was seriously unfair I wish I was as lucky as some of my friends. It is the original ‘cool’ phone and is actually pretty iconic.

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14. Why Nelly felt the need to strip in a hot room.

Not that we were complaining… Nelly was a huge artist back in the day, I wonder what happened to him? This was in the days of people sitting and watching the music channel and watching their favourite videos, I don’t think anyone does this anymore, do they?

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