12 Slightly Gross Things All Women Proudly Do In Secret.

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We can all admit that we are private about a lot of things in life. There’s nothing more likely to turn a guy off than some of the things that we do behind closed doors.

Some of these things we do consciously, others on this list happen to us just because we’re women.

Here are 12 gross things that happen to us women that men truly have no idea about… enjoy (and be seriously grossed out).

1. Picking out an ingrown hair

We have all experienced the trauma of having an ingrown hair. We know in this situation you should really get the tweezers to pull this out. But, the thought of trying to pick it out with your own nails is a LOT more satisfying.. isn’t it?

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2. Find picking the skin off your lips really satisfying

We love the idea of having perfectly smooth lips, but in reality, this never happens. We find it weirdly satisfying that we can pick the skin off of our lips…

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3. Squeezing your spots and being horribly satisfied with the white stuff that wiggles its way out your face

Disgusting to even think about, but we can’t help but be ridiculously satisfied when we manage to pop a huge spot on our face.

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4. Find satisfaction from scraping a really big chunk of dirt from underneath the nail

We like to pride ourselves on our hygiene. But, when we absolutely love doing stuff like this we can hardly call ourselves clean, can we?

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5. Smelling your clothes and letting that be the decider of whether or not you can wear them again

We don’t really judge how long we’ve been wearing the clothes for, in our minds, if it doesn’t smell yet then you can definitely get another day out of wearing it.

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6. Never wash our bras

Now, we wear clean underwear every single day. But, when it comes to washing our bras we actually never do it. Sometimes we will go weeks without washing a bra… but in our defence, who actually knows? As soon as we get home the first thing we do is whip it off anyway?

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7. You can go an extra three days without washing your hair with your best friend ‘dry shampoo’

Yes, us girls actually have to plan our social events around when we are going to wash our hair. It is such an effort washing our hair and the whole process, including drying it, takes about an hour. So, fitting this mammoth task in our diaries 2 or 3 times weekly is such an effort! That is why we befriend a good old can of Batiste dry shampoo to stretch those hair wash days a little further apart!

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8. Our hair falls out in the shower and we stick the remains to the wall of the shower

Gross… but we are ALL guilty of doing this. Girls with long hair are more than aware of washing your hair and having chunks of it fall out at a time. So, when we are in the shower the only thing to do is to string it across the tiles on the shower until it is no longer stuck on our hands.

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9. Getting goosebumps after you have just shaved and feeling like the forest you just hacked down has grown back instantly

There is no such thing as a perfectly shaved person. To achieve ultimate smoothness is a myth. The most irritating thing in the WORLD is when you shave your legs then get out the shower. The goosebumps from the cold turn the freshly shaved dream into a prickly mess once again. How irritating is this?

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10. Going without a pad when you’re coming off your period

You actually don’t know when the right time to stop wearing your tampon or pad is… so you just have to risk it a little bit. Periods have this funny little thing of trying to creep back up on us when we thought they had finished. But, by the end you just have to say f*ck it and risk life without a pad. The outcome is never usually disastrous because you’ve become professional at guessing when the end is near. And it’s also super dangerous to wear a tampon at times you don’t need them!

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11. Taking the three-second rule and extending it to at least the 15-second rule

There is nothing more heartbreaking than dropping some food on the floor that you were looking forward to eating. So, when this happens we actually think it’s acceptable to wait at least 15 seconds before still eating it off the floor.

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12. Just washing your fringe

If you have waited four days now but can’t be bothered doing a full head wash, then you just go for washing the fringe. In our logic, this is the only part of the hair that we can see when we look at ourselves in a mirror. So, it is the only part that we need to wash!

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