12 Simple Things Brits Miss When They’re Abroad

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Going on holiday is something that all Brits look forward to throughout the year. If you’ve ever been to the UK then you will know exactly why. In Britain we don’t tend to get very nice weather. Our summer ends up being a few days long with the odd bit of sunshine so booking a holiday is what gets us really excited.

Whether it be a romantic city break or a party holiday, some of us just need a week or two to wine down and relax. But for some of us, the most important thing is going somewhere that is nice and sunny.

Holidays seem like all fun and games until you’ve been away for however long and you start to miss certain things that just aren’t the same when you go abroad. We have compiled 12 simple things Brits tend to miss when they’re abroad…


1. The chocolate.

Has anyone actually realise how crap the chocolate is abroad? Unless you’ve managed to get your hands on some M&Ms or a Dairy Milk then you’re done for because the chocolate tastes like it’s come out of the pits of hell. And don’t even get me started on American chocolate like Hershey’s, it’s diabolical.

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2. The fact we’re never really that far from anywhere.

I mean, yes, we are far from certain places. I wouldn’t like to drive from one end of the country to another, but when you compare it to places like America, or even just France or Germany. When you compare how far you’d have to drive from one end of the US to another with how far you’d have to drive from one end of Scotland to the bottom of England, it’s nothing really….

3. How good our supermarkets are.

Ever been in a European supermarket looking for something simple and not been able to find it? Yep, I’ve been there. How can a giant supermarket not sell earphones?! Don’t call it a supermarket if you’re only going to sell food and a few crappy toiletries.

4. Bacon.

Fancy tucking into a nice bacon butty on holiday? Think again. Our bacon – juicy, smothered in layers in fat and grease (yummm) add a little red or brown sauce and voila, you’ve got yourself a yummy bacon butty. But when you’re abroad, you always seem to end up getting that horrible American style crap streaky bacon that tastes like it’s been drenched in a tub of salt and after you’ve eaten it you feel as though you’re going to have a heart attack at any point.

5. Roast dinners.

We don’t just have roasts on one day of the year, they’re every Sunday (if you can be bothered cooking that is) but the British tradition is to have one every Sunday. Unless you go to a proper British part of Spain or Portugal, you’ve got a very slim chance of getting your hands on any form of roast dinner which you might not be bothered about when you’re sat in 40 degree heat but it’s still nice to have the option when you’re craving Yorkshire puddings.

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6. Tea.

Yorkshire tea to be exact. They just can’t do tea abroad like we do, it just doesn’t taste the same. Every Brit gets to the point on holiday where they start to crave the taste of a real cup of tea. Every morning you end up pouring yourself this crappy cup and each day it gets worse and worse. Then the first thing Brits do when they get home from being on holiday is run to the kitchen and make what we call a real brew.

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7. Plugs.

It sounds weird but have you ever noticed how crap the plugs are in the US? It took me half the day to dry my hair over their and they always end up falling out of the wall. Utter shi*e.

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8. The NHS.

People who slag this system off should really go and live abroad for a couple of years and see how they’d feel about paying for everything or having to pay just to see your doctor. It might be falling apart but that’s the fault of the government and people who’ve abused it for years….it’s still an amazing system and you realise just how good it is when you’ve got to pay a fortune to get medication abroad when you get sick.

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9. No tax.

How annoying is it when you go to pay for something in some places and then they add the tax on on top? Why can’t they just do everyone a favour and add it on?

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10. TV.

Yes, we are known for being completely lazy when it comes to learning other languages, but you can’t help missing the TV when you go away. Even though you’re on holiday, there does become a point when you’re chilling in the hotel room and decide to turn the TV on. You end up finding channels that sound familiar and may even come across programmes that they show in the UK. But 9 times out of 10 they’re in a different language with no subtitles. Typical!

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11. Beer.

Hear me out on this one, it’s just not the same. I have been to some countries where the beer is very commendable but there are just certain places that don’t live up to the high expectation that Brits have. It’s not just the beer either, unless the bars stock up on spirits like Smirnoff Vodka and Jack Daniels then they usually have cheap spirits that won’t get you drunk but still leave you feeling worse for wear in the morning.

12. Being Cold.

I know this sounds like a massive contradiction because all we went out about before was vacating the country to get away from the terrible weather. But there’s just some of us that can’t handle the heat 24/7. You forget what it is like being in a hot country if you only go on holiday once a year or less and it’s fine for the first couple of days until you start burning or getting sunstroke. Although we like to complain about it, we’re not sure if we could handle the sun all day everyday.


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